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Welcome to my website where I ONLY sell the P38 Can Opener. The P38 Can Opener has quite the history! You can learn more about it below.
For the complete history and story of the P38 Can Opener Click Here.

If you are a fan of the P38 Can Opener and are looking to buy one today, you have come to the right place! I ship these can openers to anywhere in U.S.A. with FREE SHIPPING.

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About P-38

This little can opener has saved the day many times. Getting caught without a can opener sucks. This little P-38 works very well and takes up almost no space. I recommend having one on your key ring, in glove boxes and first aid kits. This is the real deal, American made steel. I’m using some from the 50’s and they just keep working.

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The P38, developed In 1942, was issued in the C-Rats of the United States Armed Forces from World War II to the 1980s. Can be easily attached to a key ring or dog tag chain using the small punched hole. Great for picnics, backpacking, camping , fishing, traveling, survival and everyday home use.

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If you are looking to buy more than the quanity on our website allows please reach out to me directly. Contact and we can create a custom order for you!

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We ship anywhere within the United States for free! That's right FREE SHIPPING.

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P-38 Can Opener

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